Parents are not encouraged to sit in classes due to distraction. However we have an open day once or twice a year as well as the performances and exam presentations, where parents are encouraged to come along and support.

Health and Safety


Hair must be worn neat and tidy, long hair tied up at all times please.
No jewellery to be worn.  

No food or drink to be brought to classes other than bottled water.

Properly fitted dance wear and shoes to be worn at each class. 

Use of mobiles is not allowed during the classes.

Teachers and Co workers of I.D.S are fully DBS checked and cleared  to work with children.

The reception area works on a buzzer system to allow only members inside.



We have a number of performances per year at various venues, these performances are open only to relatives and friends of the pupils,

 however we do organise or take part in charity shows, public events and occaissional TV work.


Parents should be aware that due to the nature of dance and performance it is sometimes necessary for the I.D.S teachers and Co workers to use physical contact when working with the pupils.

Pupils may on occasions be photographed or filmed during class and performances. By taking part in our school activities you are agreeing to this happening and are happy to have your childs photograph on our website,press releases or marketing materials. Parents are required to sign a consent form.

I.D.S is only responsible for students while in classes. All students property is their responsibility, I.D.S is not liable for any lost or damaged belongings, and
therefore pupils should not bring anything of value to the dance school.

Press releases concerning pupils achievements relating to dance must be discussed with the I.D.S principal. Fees are charged monthly, the tuition fees are
to secure a place at I.D.S and are therefore not discounted or refunded if lessons are missed. If a pupil misses 4 consecutive classes without a valid reason, their place will be
automaticly offered to a pupil on the waiting list.

Pupils must be dressed in the correct uniform for each class and must conduct themselves in a disciplined manner while on the school premises, this will ensure the safety and wellbeing of all I.D.S pupils and staff. 

The I.D.S principal has the discretion to move pupils to different classes suited to their level and holds the decision to advance pupils to next level classes, this  will be according to their ablilty and performance.

Note from the principal:

The aim of the school is to teach our pupils all aspects of performing arts and give them experience, enjoyment and fun performing on stage. It is the pupils decision to take dance exams with the B.A.T.D. , the principal will put the pupil forward for the exam only when the pupil is fully prepared and confident, we have a 100% pass rate in our exams.